Combining UX and MIR


My work until mid-2017 had been primarily in the field of user experience (UX) design, with a special interest in musical applications.

At GeorgiaTech, I am exploring ways in which UX and musical artificial intelligence (AI) could melt into each other. Could practical aspects of UX influence a computer’s understanding of music? Could such an understanding, in turn, improve the UX of audio software and hardware?

By combining UX and music information retrieval (MIR) in previously unexplored ways, I am attempting to bridge the gap between how the computer thinks and what we experience.




Master of Science in Music Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology

2017 – 2019 (expected)

My work at GeorgiaTech involves user experience design, digital signal processing, and music information retrieval. Please see my coursework here.


Bachelor of Design

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

2007 – 2011

My thesis was at the intersection of human computer interaction and sound design, with the aim of defining what elements of music arouse which emotions. Please have a look at my coursework here.




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Last updated: October 2017